9 Braids Hairstyles That You Must Try

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Braids hairstyles are widely used for various events. Not only that, but this one style is usually also helpful for everyday appearance. You can also get references from the latest 2020 braids for your presence.

When you want to see the style of a braid, then you can see it through braids hairstyles 2020 pictures. It will not be challenging to make it look like the picture you already know. This article will help you to have the best hairstyle.

Braids Hairstyles That You Must Try

The Popular Braids Hairstyles For You

Currently, you can also see braids hairstyles 2019 that will help you to find out which styles are popular. You will see the extraordinary appearance of your hair. Some techniques that you can try to include.

  1. Feed-in Braids

This is one of the long braids hairstyles that are popular, and you can make yourself easily. This style emphasizes the combination of large and small braids for your hair.

  1. Fishtail Braids

This one braid will help you when your hair is lacking in volume. You can add extensions to the tail to give a dramatic impression of black braided hairstyles. Next, you can add a hairpin placed at the base.

  1. Box braids

Box braids hairstyles are becoming a popular one. If you can’t make it, a hair stylist will help you. This style you can use for long or short hair.

  1. Fulani Braids

Braids hairstyles, this one has a small size but a lot. Today this braid style is a popular one because it is made on hair that has a bold color. Usually, this style is used for long hair.

  1. Twists Senegal

When you see African hair braiding styles pictures 2019, you might see this one style. This style is also known as the twists of rope originating from Senegal, West Africa. You can combine it with colored hair for this style.

  1. Double French Braids

It became one of France’s famous classic braids. Braid hairstyles with weave will help you to have the volume at the bottom. This style is a favorite braid for the summer.

  1. Cornrow Braid Styles

You can use cornrows braided hairstyles when you want. This style became popular with a neat arrangement. When you have long hair, it will help because the method will be more visible.

  1. Short Box Braids

Having short hair doesn’t mean you can’t use braids. You can choose short box braids hairstyles for you to use at various events. You can use a half-braid style.

  1. Medium Box Braids

When you want to look stylish, then you can choose medium box braids hairstyles. This will help you to keep the parts that are not braided. It can also be left straight, or when you want to have volume, it is better when curling.

A wide selection of braids hairstyles can help you to have an attractive appearance to suit your needs. Besides, having long, medium, or short hair is also not a problem when you want to be braided.