Black Long Hair braids hairstyles

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One of the things that always develops along with fashion is a hairstyle, and hairstyling is a work that must be done every day by everyone. But there are also many professionals in this field who have dedicated their lives to creating new styles. One of the most popular types of hairstyles is braids hairstyle. Nowadays, it is not only women who can freely express their long hair desires, but sometimes men are also not free from trends and the development of hairstyles that even resemble women. Like hairstyle braids, this also applies several times to men’s long hair.

At present, gender is no longer an obstacle to express style and fashion as you wish. Hairstyle braids are one of the hairstyles that have a long enough age. Because this hairstyle always develops with the times and modernity. Besides, several sub-styles of this hairstyle only need a bare hand to wrap them. From some of these backgrounds, it is not surprising that hairstyle braids still have their existence and fans to this day. There has been so much exploration done in several head models about hair models like this.

Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Best Braids Hairstyle Ideas

From some of the references available on the internet, there are several hairstyles dominance that always appears and become a trend of braids hairstyle from year to year. This hairstyle is also suitable for use by women who have long, black hair.

1. Box braids

This braid style is quite classic and famous in afro culture circles. This braid can last for weeks with a treatment that is not too troublesome. Box braids are braids that are quite tight and form bars like chains that connect.

2. Dutch Braid

This style of hairstyle braid is one of the classic styles that are quite famous in recent years. Not only suitable for use by long black hair, but this style is also ideal for use for those with blonde hair. Because the braid dutch is slightly hanging and makes the bond not too tight.

3. Lemonade Braids

It is one of the most famous parasitic artworks because Beyonce popularized it. With quite intricate details, you need to go to a professional to make a hairstyle like this. This detail makes the braids small and numerous, so the volume is not too thick but looks very beautiful.

4. Snake Braid

It is one style of twists that are made in such a way as to resemble a crown attached to the head. Part of the braids only partially, so it is still dominated by straight hair that is loose. Then the two sides of the side hair combined using a beautiful twist through the back of the head resembles a crown.

Many women spend hours and waste of money just doing the braids hairstyle they want. The more complicated the work of braids, the more time and cost are paid.

There is no responsibility for a variety of hairdressing professionals and experts who deliberately open the best braid services. And some of them are equipped with certificates for testing the quality and durability of braids. Therefore, from the list above, several types of braids hairstyle last for weeks