Four Fantastic DIY Braids hairstyles

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Hair is often likened to a crown, above the head, and most compatible with shapes as desired. Hairstyle tradition continues to grow from year to year, especially for women. One of the hairstyle fashions that continue to develop is braids hairstyle. Hair fashion is also often associated with the ongoing season, as in winter, many people tend to lengthen and stretch their hair to warm their heads. And vice versa, in the summer, many people cut hair or experimenting with hairstyle braids.

Hair braiding is a part of history, and this tradition has been around for hundreds of years. Until now, the braid style has developed and modified in such a way. In the past, even hair fashions like this could only be done by certain people with individual races, but now anyone can make braids. Hairstyles like this are usually worn by those who have high intensity and mobility in carrying out daily activities. So they prefer to make hair look simple throughout the day rather than having to repeatedly style hair.

Therefore, we usually encounter hairstyles like this often applied to athlete’s hair that because they have repetitive intensity and movement, so that requires binding hair or braiding it.

Braided Ponytail

Some Famous Braids Hairstyle

Braiding hair can starts from short braids hairstyle to long braids hairstyle. From simple to several styles that must be set by professionals. There are several styles that you can apply to your hair.

1. Braided Ponytail

This style is one of the most famous among the other hairstyle braids because it is easy, and many people do it from ancient times. This style adopts pigtails in a twist like a ponytail.

2. French braid

It is one type of braid hairstyle that is timeless or can say in traditional braid hair. This style performs braids but is not too tight and still accentuates the dominance of obsession for women who use it.

3. Cornrow braid stylesa

Braids hairstyle like this are also quite famous but a little complicated because the details that must be done are quite time-consuming. Make braids hairstyle like sequential corn kernels, look more volume and beautiful.

4. Waterfall braids

It is one type of braid hairstyle that is quite classic, widely used by royal princesses in ancient times. Letting a few strands of hair fall like a waterfall and not so tight ties on a braid is a distinctive feature of the waterfall braid hairstyle. And this hairstyle is usually very suitable for use by those who have long and blonde hair.

There are still many other types of braids hairstyle that can explore according to your respective expressions. Making braids is a beautiful hair styling art and sometimes requires special skills to do it. Therefore, many artists who do braid hairstyle with quite extreme and spend a lot of money for maximum results. One thing to know if any braided hairstyle use, don’t forget to clean your hair regularly.